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Lincoln Road Sci-Fi Film Festival to Feature Guy Pierce Film

As plans for next year's Sci-Fi Film Festival on Miami Beach's Lincoln Road continue to develop, organizers tell us that the Guy Pearce film "LOCKOUT" is being considered for screening. Pierce recently starred in "TRAITOR" alongside Don Cheadle and has a full roster of memorable roles to his credit.

Born in Cambridgeshire England and raised in Australia, Pierce studied art and drama in school and performed in many student productions before ... continue »»

Traitor film
Directors: Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Producers: Don Cheadle
David Hoberman
Todd Lieberman
Jeff Silver
Ashok Amritraj
Arlene Gibbs
Kay Lieberman
Steve Martin
Richard Schlesinger
Screenplay: Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Starring Don Cheadle
Guy Pearce
Music: Mark Kilian
Cinematography: J. Michael Muro
Editing: Billy Fox
Distributor: Overture Films (US)
Paramount Pictures (Overseas)
Release date:
August 27, 2008
Running time: 117 minutes